6 Steps to being the "Go To" Adviser
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6 Steps to being the "Go To" Adviser

January 13, 2014

by Tony Vidler

“The modern sales professional doubles as an information concierge – providing the right information to the right person at the right time in the right channel.  Socially surround your buyers and their “sphere of influence”…”

Jill Rowley; Oracle.

The phrase “information concierge” captures the essential strategy for professional positioning in todays market….It is the key to becoming the “go to” adviser that clients choose. There are 6 steps to creating that position of prominent and trusted expertise, however to do so successfully one must be very clear about what the information concierge strategy involves.

A concierge….somebody whose purpose is to assist the people in their community in whatever small way they can to make life easier…..

…and with so much information swirling around consumers daily that it becomes difficult for them to know which information is relevant and useful for them, the greatest opportunity for advisers to position themselves as the “go to” person is to be the primary source of trusted information that IS relevant.

Jill has also captured succinctly how todays professional can best achieve that positioning: The right information….to the right person…..at the right time…..in the right way for them.

This means that to become the “Go To” adviser for your target market you must:

1.  Be clear about who your audience, or target market, is

2.  Understand and address their issues before they ask, in order for you to build a position as the expert in that space

3.  Constantly capture, retain, and capitalise upon your knowledge of your prospective clients

4.  Be constantly alert to changes, innovations and trends that will impact upon your prospective clients lives

5.  Respond to those changes with relevant and practical information that helps the prospective clients adapt to, and take advantage of, the changes

6.  Deliver the information and help in the preferred method of your target market.

Build your knowledge, systems and marketing around these 6 steps and you will become the expert who is the “go to” adviser for your target market.

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