3 simple steps to delivering Value
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3 simple steps to delivering Value

July 25, 2014

by Tony Vidler

Sometimes when professional advisers are struggling to engage meaningfully with clients, or struggling to get clients to engage at all, the solution is to go back to the very basics and question whether you are meeting the most essential demands of the customers.

Are you delivering what they actually value?

In the continual battle to be ever more relevant and valuable to clients and prospects we have a tendency in professional services to conjure up increasingly complex language, products and hyperbole.

We actually distance ourselves from those we are seeking to engage with when we introduce additional complexity.

The solution is to step back and consider these three simple steps to delivering value:

1.  Are you delivering when people want you to?

2. Are you delivering where people want you to?

3.  Are you delivering how people want you to?

These cover a multitude of possibilities such as frequency of contact, and method of contact, supporting information, useful tools and resources and information, the method of delivery or accessibility, your service offer and levels, the mix of online and offline delivery vehicles and so on.

The list can go on for quite some time of course…and that is the point.  The list can go on for quite some time….and we can exhaust ourselves exploring every possible item on the list to decide whether it fits or doesn’t fit well, or whether its perceived value is sufficient to merit its use….and suddenly we are back to the point where we have created an incredibly complex list of things to do that can compound the confusion.

An easier and perhaps far more practical way of staying on track is to simply test every idea or service offer with these questions:

  • will this give them what they want, when they want it?
  • is this being delivered how and where they want it to be?

If the answer to either is NO, then go back and work out what the customers do want.  Then do that.

If the answer to both is YES, then you are delivering something valuable to clients.  You are onto a winner.

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