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Should Advisers Be Selling Coffee Instead Of Client Service?
by Tony Vidler        Do you remember when petrol stations competed on client service?   Fundamentally they were all selling the same basic commodity, at about the same price, to anyone who drove up.  That included the regulars who lived in the area and who had high lifetime value and the out-of-towners cruising through who just […]
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Innovation, not originality, is the key to better business.
by Tony Vidler Everyone wants to grow their business, and everyone is looking for new ideas to do it. Everyone wants the magical original idea that nobody else has ever thought of before, that will guarantee results quickly.  And most think the answer lies in coming up with an original idea. Many advisers confuse “original” […]
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What is the point of an expensive CRM system?
by Tony Vidler An adviser who plans on being in the business for another couple of decades asked what the point is in paying for a fancy CRM  database.  Honest.  He did ask that.  He has a list of clients in Outlook and has the clients home addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes email addresses – […]
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5 Tips to stop you getting hammered!
by Tony Vidler As financial advisers get to grips with new regulation, rule changes and evolving best practice advice standards they are often losing sight of some commercial reality. All too often I encounter advisers who have themselves been advised by an “expert” of one sort or another that they have serious business issues…or worse: […]
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What IS value?
by Tony Vidler While helping a financial adviser craft their value proposition recently, he asked a superb question. What IS value? It is a word we use a lot in professional services, and it is a word that gets used a lot in marketing.  So when it comes to marketing professional services we tend to use […]
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Why torture your clients?
by Tony Vidler Compliance has a lot to answer for. One of the truly negative consequences of evolving best practice advice standards is the trend to torture clients. Now torture is a rather harsh word, and I am sure that globally there is no particular agenda on the part of regulators or professional advisers or […]
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Why do people buy anything?
by Tony Vidler I was reminded yesterday during a conversation of the balance between appealing to  human emotions AND basic motivations in all marketing and sales functions.  Effective marketing addresses at least one of the four basic motivators. They are: 1.  a Desire 2. a Problem 3.  a Need 4.  a Frustration This is really […]
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Fix your prospecting problem forever
by Tony Vidler The single marketing topic that advisers WANT to know how to absolutely nail it is how to get more referrals.  Get this right, and your prospecting problem is fixed forever. The theory really isn’t all that hard.  Applying it might be, but understanding it isn’t. Pretty much everyone involved in sales or […]
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The 12 Steps to Getting Constant Referrals
by Tony Vidler The best way to generate constant referrals is by having “centers of influence” delivering qualified and interested prospects to you regularly. It is a simple concept, and like so many other things which appear simple, it requires thought, planning, and excellent execution to deliver the desired results. A center-of-influence (COI) is an […]
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How to ghet paid every step of the way
Eat, Pray, Love! (How to get paid every step of the way)
by Tony Vidler Here’s a simple strategy for getting paid fairly for the work you do as a professional….every step of the way. When you think about it there are broadly three possible parts to any client project: 1.  Planning 2.  Implementing recommendations 3.  Monitoring & Servicing You could paraphrase these three steps as “Eat; […]
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