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Eliminate tyre kickers, and value your expertise.
 by Tony Vidler. One of the most common dilemma’s for financial advisers is how to make a transition from purely commission-based remuneration to generating fee-paying work. It is more simple than you think – though not necessarily a swift process.There are several critical decision points for the adviser to work through when considering how to […]
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Financial Markets Authority get it right
 by Tony Vidler.The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) just gave every NZ adviser a happier Christmas with an excellent piece of guidance to the entire financial services industry.  Give them a bow, and throw a bouquet – they just got a big deal very right. The industry has been seeking guidance on a number of issues […]
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Alphabet Soup is Unhealthy
 by Tony Vidler. One of the intriguing little debates happening in NZ financial services in recent times has been the use of new (different) acronyms for different types of advisers. Observing the often heated debate got me thinking: who cares? The answer actually surprised me:  I do.  I care.   The incessant bickering, the unnecessary market […]
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Regulators Report card: "Should do better"
 by Tony Vidler. What should we expect a regulator to regulate? We (advisers and other industry stakeholders) presume that the regulators role logically is to administer the law (and regulations relating to the implementation of the law that the regulators themselves write) that they have been tasked to manage.It would seem to follow therefore that […]
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The price of professionalism
 by Tony Vidler.It has been fascinating watching and following some industry debate recently regarding the outcome of a recent court case against a NZ adviser. By all accounts the adviser had largely done the job expected of him, though the office paperwork was a bit footloose some years ago.  Then upshot was that a client […]
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The myth of the Independent Research defence
by Tony Vidler. Financial advisers safely relying upon third party (independent) research to defend product recommendations is a myth.  Many currently believe that through the simple act of out-sourcing product research, and then relying upon the research houses rating of a product, is in itself a recommendation of suitability for clients. Product research houses themselves go […]
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