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The 9 Building Blocks of a Business Which Will Stand the Test Of Time
by Tony Vidler When it comes to building something to last the ancient civilisations can teach us a thing or two.  Anybody who has had the privilege of seeing the Great Pyramids up close will recall how perfectly symmetrical and “in balance” they are from a distance as you approach them.  When you are right […]
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6 things Big Banks can teach us about building a super profitable business
by Tony Vidler         It seems obvious, yet somehow it isn’t.  The more you know about your customers the more business you can do with them.  Can.  Not “will do with them”….but “can”.   Market and customer intelligence provides potential business opportunities – if you are able to act upon it.   Take a tip […]
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The "service" bit in your service business just might be the best ROI
by Tony Vidler A survey of over 500 global professional services firms thinking and plans for this year suggested to me that the more things change, the more they stay the same.   The standout burning issue for most professional services firms remains attracting and developing new business as that was identified as a key […]
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The Value of GETTING Good Advice
by Tony Vidler        If you believe in the value of advice, then it makes sense to believe in the value of getting advice for yourself – or rather, for your business.   Nearly every small business can benefit from having a robust governance structure providing strategic input (and insight), additional skills, accountability and excellent […]
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creating customer convenience
The Professional Services Firm Model Of The Future Is Possibly A "Fast Food Alley"
by Tony Vidler        Ever noticed how the fast food stores tend to cluster together as some sort of “fast food alley”?   Have you ever wondered why?   There is a “convenience” element for the typical customer of course, however there is a more important reason – which might just be a useful lesson […]
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The Danger Of Promoting A Competent Adviser
by Tony Vidler        In any organisation a person tends to rise to their level of incompetence.   This is just as true for the self employed Principal of a professional services firm as it is for the staff member in a large corporate.  Actually, I believe that it is THE reason why so many […]
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CRM: A Central Repository of Money
by Tony Vidler        Half a dozen advisers get together at a conference and you can almost guarantee the conversation will shift at some point to “what CRM do you use?”   It remains a tough – and potentially huge – decision for a professional service business.   A CRM system isn’t just a “Customer […]
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Good? Fast? or Cheap? What sort of advice do you want?
by Tony Vidler A few years ago a university in New Zealand conducted a study to find out where consumers were turning to for financial advice. At the time they found that the number one source of financial advice for most respondents was “newspapers and media”.   For 29% of the population that was their […]
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How to build a good service system in your business
by Tony Vidler        Good service is good business.   For financial advisers, service really IS the business.   How do you build a good system of service though that ensures you are not just keeping existing customers happy on an efficient basis, but that you are giving yourself a chance to grow the client […]
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creating a company culture
How to create the culture you WANT in your business
by Tony Vidler        As financial adviser businesses evolve from pure personal services that are entirely dependent on the relationship management abilities of an individual adviser, and they move towards becoming corporate entities  that have a life beyond that of the founder, the culture of the organization becomes critical to its success. Despite the importance […]
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